Gingerbread Men (1)

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Here at Bonny Bunting we love words, we're logophiles! That love of words led us to create these Cross-Words, so called because each of these designs has been cross-stitched by hand.
The words we've chosen are unusual, not words you might hear very often, and that's what makes them fabulous, we think! Once complete, the cross-stitch design is then carefully placed into a wooden embroidery hoop.
The embroidery hoop has a crocheted frame with a hanging loop so it's ready to hang when it reaches your home.
The rear of the frame is covered with a circle of white felt so that the rear of the cross-stitch design isn't loose, giving it an attractive and tidy finish.
Each item is professionally packaged, making it an ideal gift - as a treat for yourself or a present for a loved one.

There are a wealth of available words, down at the bottom of the page is a link to suggested words, browse through it or, if you have a favourite word, contact us - we can cross-stitch any word (although we might struggle to fit "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" onto one line!)